Diodome - An interactive light installation

The Diodome is an interactive light installation originally conceived for Burning Man 2013. 300+ individually controlled LEDs and a beautiful cover over an 18ft geodesic dome creates a three dimensional surface of light which participants can interact with.

Animations & Iteractivity

The Diodome displays animations and various modes of interactivity. For the first iteration we are planning a touch sensitive control dome that can be used to interact with the installation.

We've built an animation editor to help us develop animations for the dome, and we've opened it up so that you can use it too! The editor allows you to write some simple JavaScript to control all the LEDs in the dome. We're actually going to end up using the code you write here on the hardware that controls the dome installation itself thanks to the wonders of NodeJS, RaspberryPi and Arduino. You can read more about the technical construction of the dome on blog here.

To get started with the animation editor you might want to read the documentation and then you can launch the editor with the link below.

Warning: Staring at the Diodome may cause unexplained loss of time!